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Braving Bedtime

The bedtime story that actually helps kids sleep.

Between the creepy closet, the nightlight shadows, and the bad dreams - Jacob just can't get a good night's sleep...until his parents show him how to be brave (and a bit silly).

The Story Behind the Book

I had immense trouble getting my kids to sleep when they were three and four years old. No bedtime story helped when they were afraid of the dark, freaked out about monsters in the closet, or had bad dreams. They would wake in the middle of the night crying about their latest nightmare. Unfortunately, when you wake me three nights in a row at 3AM - I become the nightmare. I was desperate to help my kids sleep soundly.

I told them a bedtime story that took the scary things and made them silly. They went from being afraid of monsters to laughing at them. They slept like angels that night. The next night, I reframed their fear of the dark. We transformed scary shadows into funny images. The third night, I had my kids practice tackling their own fears. It worked like a charm!

As we all know, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain't nobody happy,” so I wanted to help other parents get their kids to sleep too. I turned our adventures into a comprehensive bedtime story. My kids are seven and eight now and we only need a refresher read about every six months. It’s my wish that Braving Bedtime helps your kids sleep like the angles they are 😉. Happy reading (and sleeping).

-Allison Johnson

Available in Paperback
and on Kindle

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