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Children's Books By Allison Johnson

Braving Bedtime

Written by Allison Johnson - Illustrated by Jessica Ray

Between the creepy closet, the nightlight shadows, and the bad dreams - Jacob just can't get a good night's sleep...until his parents show him how to be brave (and a bit silly).

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To wet your appetite...

Turning good ol' fashioned pages is still my favorite way to read a book to my kids!

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I also had "Braving Bedtime" converted into an animated app for iPads and iPhones. The app is called "Love Laugh Read Children's Books". Swiping the screen (and watching the fun animations) is my kids' favorite way to read this book.

In the app, you can read it to your kids, have them read it themselves, or even have me read it out loud. Then, enjoy the bliss that comes from a full night's sleep.

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You can download and try out the app for free, but if you prefer, here is a quick preview: